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UAV Insight inspection services are available across a range of commercial sectors providing a smart and efficient way of collecting image data. Drones / UAV Inspections can be carried out on various structures. UAV Insight services include private and commercial roof inspection, chimney inspection, mobile phone and communications mast inspection, wind turbines, solar panels and further complex structures. 

With the ability to fly in potentially hazardous locations UAVs take away the risk of injury from ‘Working at Height’ and also provide a faster solution to attaining imagery, compared to traditional methods such as cherry pickers or scaffolding.

During the flight there is a live feed for the client to view data / imagery via a direct downlink from the drone. This can help pinpoint potential problems that can be rectified at the clients nearest convenience. Up to 4K video and high quality imagery can be attained to be analysed off site and kept for record. 

Aerial Inspection services are provided for :

  • Roof and Property
  • Wind Turbines (Offshore and land based)
  • Mobile Telecommunications Masts
  • Forestry
  • Power Lines
  • Cable Inspections
  • Solar Panel Inspection
  • Bridge Surveying

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UAV Thermal Imagery  

Through using thermal sensors on it's UAVs, UAV Insight is able to inspect and survey structures beyond what can be seen by the human eye. Using FLIR Technology thermal imaging cameras are well established as valuable inspections tools that help reveal missing insulation, HVAC air flow and equipment issues, radiant heating malfunctions, compromised roofing, solar panel faults and much more.

With fast response and less man power needed, thermal imagery from our UAVs can be applied across a range of sectors and be used for many purposes. 

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