PoOle based drone company


UAV Insight specialise in operating drones in a Marine environment. With immediate access to a variety of vessels and MCA qualified staff we are able to operate in areas which are only accessible by boat. This means we can offer a variety of services such as coastal erosion surveying / monitoring, offshore structure inspection and vessel promotional videos for sales and hire purposes

Marine Film and Photography Services

UAV Insight are experienced in aerial filming of vessels for promotional purposes. Working with the client, either from a land base or a support vessel, UAV Insight is able to capture action shots which would have previously required the hire of a helicopter at a much greater expense. Please see some footage below of various clips taken from completed Marine promotional projects for various clients.

Marine Survey

To operate a drone commercially one of the CAA guidelines is that the Pilot must alway maintain visual contact with the UAV and not rely on flying it via the use of it's onboard camera. This is not necessarily possible when filming certain coastal situations without the putting the UAV / Drone operators at risk. By having access to a variety of vessels and qualified skippers UAV Insight are able to operate the drone from a boat and maintain line of sight whilst carrying out the survey / Inspection work.

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Vessels for varying purposes

Fast Support Vessel - 'Cortes'

MCA CODED RIB, CATEGORY 4 Certified. (able to operate up to 20 Miles from a safe haven in favourable weather and in daylight) This 6.5 Metre Rib is a good platform for projects within the radius and conditions stated above. UAV Insight are able to dispatch and launch this vessel to anywhere within the UK due to it's size by Road, therefore offering the ability to work at any location. Ideal for Coastal, Harbour or River based Projects.


Medium Support Craft - 'Shoreline'

MCA CODED WORKBOAT CATEGORY 2 Certified (60 miles operation, 20 miles day or night) A survey vessel, which can be trailed to and launched from location. Also equipped for bathymetric, side scan sonar, shallow geophysical and environmental projects. Ideal for Coastal or Harbour based Projects. 



Large Size Support Vessel -  'Top Hat'

MCA CODED WORKBOAT CATEGORY 2 Certified (60 miles operation, 20 miles day or night) The Targa is a fantastic support vessel for further offshore projects and is able to operate in a variety of conditions. Ideal for Coastal based Projects.